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Rules & Regulations

Tanana Valley State Fair Vendor Rules & Regulations

This document is a part of the Vendor Lease Agreement and governs the leased space. You must read and understand this document before signing the Lease Agreement. Leases are not transferable.


Friday August 2, 2019 – Sunday August 11, 2019

  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday: Noon – 12 AM
    • On the last day of the fair the hours will be 12pm--10pm
  • Monday – Thursday: Noon – 10 PM
  • Borealis Pavilion closes at 10 pm each day of the fair.


Applications for space rental during the Tanana Valley State Fair (FAIR) are considered on the basis of:

  • product balance on the fairgrounds
  • uniqueness and appeal of product
  • satisfactory compliance with these rules and regulations
  • Experience in Food Service Industry (Food Vendors.)

Concessionaires from the previous fair do not have automatic right of return or grandfathered spaces. The FAIR reserves the right to refuse any application for vendor space.


  • All business of the Lessee including, personnel, products & items, advertising must be conducted in, and be contained within the confines of the leased space. Advertising materials unrelated to the products or services of the Lessee are not allowed.
  • Space is leased on an as is, where is basis, and without warranty of condition. Maps from which spaces are leased are approximate.
  • Adjacent space is available at a discounted rate, when available.
  • Spaces are clearly marked by wooden stakes, paint, or chalk just prior to the fair.
  • It is the vendors’ responsibility to remain WITHIN the specified space markings. If the booth is not set within the designated area you will be asked to re-construct your booth.


  • Commercial: $795.00
  • Non-Profit: $600.00
  • Food: $1750.00
  • Craft Outdoor: $700.00
  • Craft Indoor (Craft Tent ONLY): $625.00
    • Daily Spaces in Craft Tent: Monday-Friday $100.00 per day Sat & Sun $125 per day
  • When available adjacent booths, (part of the same booth) are available at a discounted rate.


ALL Vendors are required to provide TVSFA with a valid copy of your Business License as well as Liability Insurance Coverage or be charged $100. All booths must have business license posted within booth. Failure to due to may result in the closure of your booth.


  • A $50 payment is due with each Vendor Lease Agreement Application. The first payment and Vendor Lease Agreement is due March 17th, 2019. Upon receipt of payment and Lease Agreement, the Vendor Manager will notify the Lessee of Application acceptance.
  • $100 of initial payment is non-refundable, no refunds after April 15.
  • The balance remaining on the lease agreement is due May 1st, 2019. Late payments accrue a fee of $100 on the 2nd day of each subsequent month until August 1st.
  • Applications submitted after May 1st must be paid in full at the time of acceptance.
  • No checks will be accepted after July 1st.
  • Bounced check will be charged $65 in fees. Bounced checks and fees must be paid to Cornerstone Credit Service.
  • If payments are not made in a timely manner or the Lessee is not in operation by opening, August 4th, or first day of lease, the FAIR may lease the space to a new Vendor, and all fees collected until that point shall be forfeited.


  • Cancellation of the Lease Agreement by Lessee after July 1st, shall entitle the Fair to any monies paid, or owed in accordance with the Lease Agreement.


  • Beginning Friday, August 2, 2019, all vendors, volunteers, and employees must have a ticket to enter the fairgrounds.
  • 30 Vendor Tickets come with each Lease Agreement, 2 tickets per day come with Daily Craft Tent Lease Agreements. More can be purchased with your lease or at the Summer Office. Vendor tickets are for booth workers only. Resale or used as giveaway of Vendor Tickets will result in immediate dismissal from the fair.
  • A concessionaire wristband is required for all vendors, volunteers, and employees to be on the ground outside of fair operating hours.
  • Employees MUST have a wristband while on grounds for identification by security.
  • A Concessionaire ticket is required for all vendors and employees to enter the gate.


Packets must be picked up at the Lower Totem, and any fees paid before moving into your space!

Packets include:

  • Tickets / 2 wristband
  • If purchased, Parking Passes – Lot 3
  • Returning Vendor forms for 2017 Fair
  • Information from government agencies, such as Wage & Hour, and Fire Safety

Vendor packets will be available July 16, in the Lower Totem, and can be picked up only when all paperwork and fee payments are completed.



  • Lessee may begin construction, set-up of operations, and camping (Lot #3 only) after checking in at Lower Totem beginning July 24, 9 AM – 5 PM. No exceptions.
    • If your booth is set up for operation without checking in you will not be allowed to open until you are signed in and given your informational packet.
  • Indoor vendors that have checked in may begin construction July 29, 9 AM – 8 PM.
  • Vendors who have checked in may continue construction between 9 AM – 10 PM for outdoor booths via Green Gate.
  • Large structures may move-in by appointment only beginning July 16. Early booth move in does not mean vendors may set-up booth operations or camp in lot 3 as no security or bathrooms are available. No tents may be moved in early. No exceptions.
    • You will not be allowed early move in without prior approval of the FAIR.
  • Construction must be completed before fair opening.


  • Borealis Pavilion may begin to carry-out items at 10 PM on Saturday, August 10th. Indoor vendors are permitted one (1) hour to bring carry out items only on the closing night.
  • Tear down hours begin August 11th from 9 AM – 5 PM (Indoor & Outdoor.) Access through Blue and Green Gates.
    • Hours of tear down: Monday: -Friday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • All structures, improvements, property and belongings must be removed by August 17, 4 PM. Property remaining will become property of the fair.
  • No camping permitted in Lot 3 after 5 PM, August 15th.
  • Electricity on the grounds will be disconnected on August 15th.


  • A prominent and clearly legible sign advertising the vendor’s booth name MUST be hung within the confines of the leased space at lessee’s expense. Booths without identifying signs won’t be permitted to open.
  • All tents and similar structures must be anchored securely using 60 lbs. of weight at each tent post.
  • Any digging deeper than 3 inches or driving of stakes must be approved by Maintenance Manager 451-5557.
  • All guy wires, anchors, overhangs, and tent tie downs must be contained within lease space. Non-tent mobile units are encouraged, and must be sturdy, attractive, and movable by Lessee.
  • Blue tarps and Visquez may not be part of the booth structure.
  • Wood siding must be painted or finished in some manner.
  • Indoor spaces in Borealis Pavilion and the Craft Tent may not exceed 8 ft. in height.
  • Nothing can be attached to Craft Tent walls or Borealis Pavilion ceiling. Trenches around your booth are not allowed. If drainage is an issue, you should use a raised floor.
  • No grass is to be dug up without prior FAIR consent and if permitted should be done so that the turf can be returned to original condition.
  • ADA compliance is advised / if info is needed to comply contact vendor manager.


Camping in lot #3 May beginning July 16, and ends at 4 PM, August 15th. No Exceptions. Those arriving before this date must make other arrangements.

  • Quiet Hours in parking and camping areas are between 11 PM and 7 AM. Violators will be required to leave the grounds.

Tanana Valley State Fair Campground is adjacent to the Fairgrounds and has space available for those who arrive early. A reservation should be made well in advance for this option. Sites are available for tents and RVs, including WI-FI, showers, and laundry facilities. Electric hook-ups are available for an extra charge. Call 907-456-7956 after May 1st.

Vendor Parking (Lot 3) Permit- $50 per space, overnight and daily use (limit 2 spaces per vendor). This is required for each object, one object per space. Vendors in the wrong space will be towed at owner’s expense. (Non-Refundable)


  • All vendor vehicles must be outside of the fairground gates by 11:15 AM .Vehicles remaining within gates will be towed at owner’s expense. Please be kind to others –remove vehicle after loading and unloading. Do not block the road ways.
  • Vehicles are allowed on the Fairgrounds after midnight when crowd conditions permit. This decision is made by Security, the General Manager, or designee.
  • The speed limit is 5 MPH. Violator’s privileges will be rescinded.
  • All vehicles parked in Vendor Parking (Lot 3,) must have a permit designating this privilege.
  • All vehicles in the public lots will be towed if left overnight.
  • No Skateboards, or mini-bikes, or rollerblades. Bicycles may be used prior to the fair and when the grounds are clear of all patrons, and should be kept out of sight during hours of operation.


  • No vendor shall have the exclusive right to sell a product.
  • Vendors are required to identify on their application all items to be sold, exhibited, or distributed from the leased space. A written request must be approved by Fair management for changes, additions or deletions.
  • To maintain product balance on the fairgrounds and to encourage variety, space requests may be denied because too many vendors wish to exhibit specific merchandise or sell the same products. ̣̣
  • Fair management maintains the right to immediately prohibit the sale or distribution of any product or service it deems hazardous, offensive or a nuisance to the public.
  • Knives for sale must be pre-approved in advance by Fair management, and must be displayed in a secure case. All purchased knives must be packaged and sealed with tape. The buyer must be advised not to open the package on the fairgrounds, or it will be confiscated by security.


The fair may prohibit items and activities not listed below as it deems beneficial. All vendors must conduct themselves in a friendly, honest, and courteous manner. The fair may regulate sale of any toys or other items that are obnoxious, unsafe, or offensive. Violator’s booths will be shut down. Prohibited items are as follows.

  • The sale of ANY artificial gun or ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  • Synthetic drugs, herbal incense packets, K2, spice, and any item marketed as bath salts.
  • Use of the name “Tanana Valley State Fair” or its logo.
  • Silly String
  • Foul Odor producing items (such as Fart Spray)
  • Burning Candles
  • Vending Machines
  • Body Piercing
  • Sale of Lighters
  • Loud Popping Devices
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • Fake Cigarettes
  • Weaponry
  • Explosives of any kind
  • Sound producing items shall be regulated to the best interest of fair patrons.
  • Drinking or using drugs while operating your booth.
  • Music allowed only if it is not bothering others.
  • No smoking or use of e-cigarettes or vaping in your booth during fair hours.
  • Smoking shall not be permitted in or around booths; except in those designated areas set forth by the Alaska State Fair management.


  • Lessee is responsible for the neatness and cleanliness of the leased space. Collect trash in high quality, strong garbage bags and deposit in containers provided by the fair. Do not overstuff bags.
  • Break down all cardboard and separate out from other trash.
  • All grease must be removed from the Fairgrounds by the Lessee in secure containers. The dumping of grease in trash bags will result in a $100 fine per instance, and is grounds for booth closure. Leaving grease containers behind after the fair will also result in a $100.00 fine.
    • A grease recycling receptacle may be available. Details of such an option will be in your packet, and/or sent via email.
  • Lessee must remove all trash, building supplies, gravel, sawdust, appliances, or other debris by booth tear down deadline.
  • Pallets can be left behind only if in decent reusable condition.
  • The burn pile area is off limits to all vendors, and is monitored by cameras. Vendor’s dumping in this area will be fined $100 per instance, and may be asked to leave the fair.
  • Do not remove items from the burn pile area.
  • Your booth space should be left as it was before you arrived. Any excessive trash or items left behind may result in denial of returning application status.


  • Waste-water facilities are available on the fairgrounds. A pump and hose are REQUIRED to use grey water facilities. Bucket dumping or pouring is prohibited and will result in void of your lease. Dumping water, grease, chemicals, etc. on the ground, in storm drains, or in the restrooms is strictly forbidden and is cause for immediate cancellation of vendor agreement. Vendor is responsible for removing chemicals, paints, and all hazardous refuse in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Arrangements for on-grounds servicing may be made with a private company, but these vehicles need to be off the grounds by 11 AM.
  • Running a water hose from any existing faucet is prohibited during Fair Hours of Operation.
  • Hoses must be coiled and returned to booth during Fair Hours of Operation.


Electric Power is very limited on the Fairgrounds. The fair provides two GFI sockets per space in most areas. These are 15 Amps, 110 Volts. All utility hook-ups or extension of service must be done by a licensed electrician approved or designated by the Fair. Noncompliance with electrical guidelines could result in booth closure.

  • Extension cords and re-locateable power taps shall be rated for heavy-duty use, a minimum 14 gauge, polarized, grounded type, 3 prong plug.
  • All cords & prongs must be in good condition.
  • Cord must be labeled with the booth name where it plugs into Fair receptacle.
  • All electric cords and wiring must be covered by rubber mat (or comparable product) or buried at least 1 inch but not exceeding 3 inches.
  • Use receptacles provided by the Fair, do not touch panel boxes. Contact Maintenance for assistance.
  • Generators are preferable if sound does not exceed 70 decibels, and it does not cause air pollution.
  • Use propane, rather than electric stoves.
  • All electric powered equipment must be in good working order and free of damage or deterioration.
  • Heaters are strictly prohibited in booths or camping areas. They are a fire hazard. A $100 fine will be levied against the account of any vendor found with a space heater.


  • Lessees shall comply with applicable federal, state, local laws, including but not limited to business licensing, child labor work permit laws, fire codes, safety codes, health codes games of skill and chance and raffle permits.
  • Vendors are required to have a business license posted in their booth at all times.
  • Food Vendors should check with the Alaska DEC concerning requirements.
  • Some products require additional insurance, such as pony rides, game booths, wheelchair/stroller rentals, tattoo parlors, exotic animals, and as the fair deems necessary.
  • Other insurance, such as Worker’s Compensation, is the sole responsibility of the Lessee.


  • The Lessee is responsible for his or her actions, and those of their agents, employees, volunteers, and suppliers and must make good any damage or loss of property of the Fairs.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping lines from their booths from impeding the flow of traffic on walkways, and access to other booths.
  • Advertising in any way outside your booth space is strictly prohibited. No Exceptions.
  • Lessees using two-way radios should monitor channels in order to avoid conflict with Fair operations.
  • The Lessee agrees to purchase tickets for all employees and volunteers. There is no will call for Vendor Tickets.


  • In the event of a breach of the terms in this document, or the Vendor Lease Agreement, and upon notification of the breach, the vendor shall immediately vacate the leased space. In the event that the Lessee in breach of this agreement does not vacate premises, the fair may, without court process, remove all items from leased space. Any costs incurred by such action, including court cost shall be paid by Lessee.
  • Other options for censure include, but are not limited to, suspension from the fairgrounds for a period of time or permanently.
  • If the rented space is not returned in the same condition as when rented, a cleaning deposit may be assessed to the Lessee upon their return in subsequent years.


For complaints or problems, contact the Vendor Manager, who is here to help you. Most problems are handled at this level. Call 451-5555. If unable to reach via phone please go to the Summer Office to page management. The Vendor Manager may request assistance from the General Manager, who can suggest a change in procedure. If the problem concerns a fair policy, the Vendor Manager or General Manager can suggest policy changes to the Board of Directors.


The security office is located in Upper Badger Hall.

Security is provided 24 hours per day beginning the first Friday of the Fair. Security patrols the fairgrounds and all parking areas. There is enhanced security beginning 2 days before the fair opens. Please consider how your items will be kept secure before the fair opens. The fair is not responsible for theft or loss of product or items.

Borealis Pavilion is locked at 10 PM each night of the fair. Vendors should stay in their booths until security has cleared the building. A designee appointed by the fair allows Vendors wearing a concessionaire wristband to enter the Borealis Pavilion one (1) hour prior to gate opening. You must have a concessionaire wristband to access the building prior to opening. It is the vendor’s responsibility to distribute vendor ticket to employees working the booth each day. Security will clear the grounds when the Midway closes. Outdoor Vendors may remain open until this time.


Your booth must be manned and open to the public during the following hours of operation:

  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday: Noon– 12 AM
  • Monday – Thursday: Noon – 10 PM
  • Borealis Pavilion closes at 10:00 pm each day of the fair.

See you at the Fair!

Tanana Valley State Fair Association

Vendor Coordinator

907-451-5555/ Fax (907) 456-7971

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