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Superintendent Volunteer Job Description



Job Title: Department Superintendent - An individual or team of individuals needed to organize and attractively display the exhibits entered in the Competitive Exhibit Divisions at the Fair.

Assistance & Training:Provided by the Competitive Exhibits Management Team (Exhibit Coordinator, and General Office Staff).

Specific Duties:

Pre-Fair Preparation:

Become familiar with Competitive Exhibits policies, rules & criteria.

Recruit & coordinate volunteers as needed for Entry Day, judging, displays, & exhibit pick-up.

Prepare paperwork & materials for entry day.

Answer questions about entering exhibits & give guidance to exhibitors about their entry

Entry Day

Accept entries on Entry Day and prepare them for judging.


Recruit qualified judges and schedule when they will judge entries.

Facilitate the judging process without offering opinions or comments on the quality of exhibits.


Enter ribbons into the ShoWorks software into provided iPad.

Proof division reports.

Organize score sheets.

Exhibit Display & Pick-up

Plan & execute exhibit displays; including display set-up, placing of ribbons and exhibit name-tags.

Superintendents are responsible for the exhibits until 5:00 pm on Exhibit Pick-up Day.


Turn in a Division Evaluation Sheet to record any possible changes needed or problems encountered.

Turn in Evaluation Sheet to Exhibits.

Time Frame:Pre-fair preparation time (organizing paperwork, recruiting judges, etc.) approximately 10 - 20 hours and approximately 30 - 50 hours over a two week period starting Entry Day (Saturday, July 22, 2017) and ending Exhibit Pick-Up Day Monday, August 7).New superintendents will be asked to attend at least one orientation prior to entry day.Superintendents are not required to be at the Fair all ten days

Qualifications:Knowledge of specific division; previous Fair experience helpful but not necessary.Must have a knack for organization and paperwork; must enjoy working with others, be flexible & calm under pressure.

Benefits: you will receive a season pass for yourself, plus innumerable thanks & tokens of our appreciation with an overall feeling of great accomplishment.

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