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Entry Days

NON-PERISHABLE ENTRY DAY: Saturday, July 17, 1-6pm & Sunday, July 18, 11-2 pm

JUNIOR PERISHABLE ENTRY DAY:Thursday, July 29, 1-6pm

ADULT PERISHABLE ENTRY DAY: Tuesday, August 3, 1-6pm

Online Entry

From your desktop computer go to https://tanana.fairwire.com/ to sign up for ONLINE ENTRIES for the Tanana Valley State Fair!

Fill out the easy-to-follow entry forms for all your entries, review the information, and follow the check-out instructions (no online payment needed).Print your receipt, and bring it with you on entry day -- or download the ShoWorks Passport app from the Apple Store or on Google Play and check in from your mobile device, just like you can check in at the airport!

In addition to using the ShoWorks Passport app to check in, another reason to get it is that it stores your fair entry information year-after-year. You can review current and past entries in one place, and reuse your information when making new entries. You can also view all your winnings and ribbons from a virtual “Awards Room” on your mobile device.

If you need assistance with the entry process, or if you don’t have a computer/printer, you can stop by the Events Office on the fairgrounds during open hours to receive help. We are looking forward to seeing your exhibits, and want to offer you every opportunity to enter them!

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